Nottingham – Electric Telehandler

Lithium Telehandler – Nottingham

The 6.26 Full Electric telehandler benefits from being powered by lithium battery, minimising downtime for material handling operations in Nottingham. Available for sale, this innovative green machine creates less noise than a standard combustion engine but offers the same performance as a regular telehandler model. Lithium batteries allow the e-telehandler to benefit from reduced charging times, as well as notable savings in maintenances and running costs. The lithium battery also allows for a fast charging system, meaning batteries can be topped up at convenient times throughout the day. Conventional charging can be used to effect when the MHE and lithium batteries can be opportunity charged without any damage or life reduction to the battery.

An all-wheeled drive allows for safer manoeuvring around closed environments whilst operation on zero CO2 emissions makes this e-telehandler ideal for sensitive environments. Serving a wide range of industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, recycling and cold storage, this machine is a viable solution for today’s environmental focused market. The e-telehandler is also ideal for working on construction, agriculture, civils, forestry and infrastructure applications. The 6.26 Full Electric telehandler is an environmentally friendly option for single-shift or multi-shift materials handling operations.

Nottingham – Lithium Battery
Powered Electric Telehandler

Cost savings and reduced environmental impact
exclusive to battery powered equipment.
Thanks to the Eco Telehandlers electric drive unit, the CO2 emissions can be considered zero.
Simple and cheap maintenance when compared to that of traditional combustion engine equipment.
The same performance as a conventional telescopic handler without the noise of a combustion engine.
Use fast charging for opportunity charging, classic charging overnight or the on-board charger as required.

TECHNICAL INFORMATIONEco Telehandler 2.6t Specification

Performance and safety to match the 6.26 Classic combustion engine machine,
with the benefits of eco technology.
With a lifting capacity of 2.6t, this innovative, eco-friendly telehandler is powered by a lithium battery, lending itself to a range of benefits including reduced charging times and notable savings in maintenance and running costs compared to combustion engine equipment. The standard 300Ah battery has a battery life of up to 6 hours (depending on use) and a recharge time of 3h 45mins using the standard external three-phase charger. This can be reduced to 1.5h by using the optional external fast charger.*

Unlike the standard wet cell batteries, lithium batteries can be opportunity charged without any damage or life reduction to the battery. The fast charging system means the batteries can be topped up at break times or at convenient intervals throughout the day, minimising downtime. Conventional charging (110/240v) can also be used to effect when the materials handling equipment is not in use. With zero CO2 emissions the Eco Telehandler 2.6t is ideal for use in closed or environmentally sensitive environments and serve a wide range of industries such as warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, recycling and cold storage.